Dr. Robert A. Ellis Fellowship

Fellowship Program Description

The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) sponsors the Robert Ellis Fellowship Program. To advance the values of scientific excellence and leadership, this prestigious fellowship is awarded to doctoral thesis students and post-doctoral researchers who are enthusiastic, passionate and have a deep interest and a strong desire to pursue a career in plasma and/or fusion science, computation, engineering or a related field. The program provides funding for a nominal two-year appointment with the possibility of extension to a third year (contingent upon favorable annual performance). 

Student fellows from institutions interested in collaborating with PPPL / Princeton University can receive financial support pending identification of a PPPL/Princeton thesis co-advisor or mentor working collaboratively on a thesis topic of mutual interest to the student’s home institution, PPPL/Princeton, and the co-advisors (postdoctoral fellows will be PPPL staff members exclusively). PPPL will provide the fellow with mentorship, training, professional development, and outreach opportunities to build a sense of community with PPPL and Princeton University colleagues and to launch a successful scientific career.

The program also recognizes and supports researchers who can contribute to advancing the Laboratory’s diversity and inclusion efforts. The overarching intention of the program is to provide several pathways to a successful career in plasma and/or fusion research. Fellowship awards are subject to the availability of a project mentor, so applicants are encouraged to develop project ideas as early as possible with PPPL research experts. Applicants are also encouraged to include in their cover letter a succinct research plan of up to two pages of content plus references.



Dr. Robert A. Ellis Jr.

Dr. Robert A. Ellis Jr.

Marien Simeni Simeni, first recipient of the Dr. Robert Ellis Jr. Postdoctoral Fellowship

Marien Simeni Simeni, first recipient of the Dr. Robert Ellis Jr. Postdoctoral Fellowship