Nstxu umbrella

control room


The NSTX-U in operation

Temperature of the doughnut-shaped plasma encircling the central column can exceed 10 million degrees Celsius.  

NSTX-U is undergoing repairs and is scheduled to be back in operation in 2022.

Plasma Still

Center stack Plasma Art NSTXU

 Fusion plasma during an experiment in the NSTX-U

Plasma Still


NSTX-U Recovery

NSTXU Recovery Still


NSTXU render



United States

College of William and Mary
Columbia University
Florida International University
General Atomics
Idaho National Laboratory
Johns Hopkins University
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lehigh University
Lodestar Research Corporation
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nova Photonics Inc.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Old Dominion University
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


Princeton University
Purdue University
Sandia National Laboratory
University of California-Davis
University of California-Irvine
University of California-Los Angeles
University of California-San Diego
University of California, Space Sciences Laboratory
University of Colorado
University of Illinois
University of Maryland
University of Rochester
University of Tennessee
University of Texas
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University of Wisconsin


Culham Centre for Fusion Energy
FOM Institute DIFFER
Hiroshima University
Institute for Nuclear Research-National Academy of Science
Institute of Plasma Physics-Czech Republic
Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute
Japan Atomic Energy Agency
International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
KAIST-Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Kyoto University Kyushu University
NFRI-National Fusion Research Institute
Niigata University


Seoul National University
Tech-X Corporation
Tokamak Energy
TRINITI-Troitskii Institute of Innovative and Thermonuclear Research
Ulsan Science Institute of Science and Technology
University of Costa Rica
University of Hyogo
University of Tokyo
University of York