Igor Kaganovich

Principal Research Physicist

Igor Kaganovich is a Principal Research Physicist, is an expert in theoretical plasma physics.He has an extensive publication record with 200 publications on plasma theory, plasma-surface interactions, plasma-based synthesis and processing of nanomaterials, cross-field discharges, and physics of plasma thrusters. His professional interests include plasma physics with applications to nuclear fusion (heavy ion fusion), gas discharge modeling,  plasma processing, nanomaterial synthesis, kinetic theory of plasmas and gases, hydrodynamics, quantum mechanics, nonlinear phenomena and pattern formation. He was elected a fellow of the American Physical Society in 2007. Among many honors, Dr. Kaganovich, along with PPPL physicist Yevgeny Raitses, received PPPL’s Kaul Foundation Prize for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research and Technology Development in 2019. He is also PPPL Distinguished Research Fellow since 2022. He was the recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship in 1996. 

Selected Publications