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No. Title Inventor(s) Issue Date
US 9,329,487 B2 Objective for EUV Microscopy, EUV Lithography and X-Ray Imaging Manfred L Bitter 05/03/2016
US 9,318,228 B2 Production of Radionuclide Molybdenum 99 In a Distributed and SITU Fashion 04/19/2016
US 8,973,492 B1 Method and Apparatus for Pasteurizing Shell Eggs Using Radio Frequency Heating Christopher D Brunkhorst 03/10/2015
US 8,610,379 Systems and methods for the magnetic insulation of accelerator electrodes in electrostatic accelerators 12/17/2014
8,217,353 Non-astigmatic Imaging with Matched Pairs of Spherically Bent Crystals Kenneth W Hill 07/10/2012
7877340 Enhanced and Expanded MINDS Nuclear Detection Library 01/25/2011
7,711,661 System and Method for Resolving Gamma-ray Spectra 05/10/2010
7,244,948 Miniature Multinuclide Detection System and Methods 07/17/2007
7,209,542 B2 Simultaneous Measurement of the Reflectivity of X-ray with Different Orders of Reflections and Apparatus for Measurement Thereof 04/24/2007
US 6994831 B1 Oxidative tritium decontamination system 02/07/2006
US 6959895 B2 Dual wing-pair air vehicle 11/01/2005
U.S. 6,667,007 B1 System and Method of Applying Energetic Ions for Sterilization (CIP) 12/23/2003
6,411,666 B1 Method and apparatus to produce and maintain a thick, flowing, liquid lithium first wall for toroidal magnetic confinement DT fusion reactors 06/25/2002
US 6,403,029 B1 System and Method of Applying Energetic Ions for Sterilization 06/11/2002
6403029 B1 System and method of applying energetic ions for sterilization 06/11/2002
US 6259763 B1 X-ray imaging crystal spectrometer for extended X-ray sources Kenneth W Hill 07/10/2001
US 6097488 A Method and apparatus for measuring micro structures, anisotropy and birefringence in polymers using laser scattered light 09/01/2000
5938821 A Drum bubbler tritium processing system 08/17/1999
5804965 A Method and apparatus for steady-state magnetic measurement of poloidal magnetic field near a tokamak plasma 09/08/1998
5704321 A Traveling spark ignition system 01/06/1998
US 5991351 A Method and system to directly produce electrical power within the lithium blanket region of a magnetically confined, deuterium-tritium (DT) fueled, thermonuclear fusion reactor 11/23/1997
US 5587038 A Apparatus and process for producing high density axially extending plasmas 12/24/1996
5512164 A Method for sputtering with low frequency alternating current 05/30/1996
5464988 A Tritium waste package 11/07/1995
5324914 A Method and apparatus for the management of hazardous waste material 02/21/1995
5372686 A Direct current sputtering of boron from boron/coron mixtures 12/13/1994
5302803 A Apparatus and method for uniform microwave plasma processing using TE.sub.11.sub.01 modes 11/12/1994
5340081 A Means for positively seating a piezoceramic element in a piezoelectric valve during inlet gas injection 08/23/1994
5324914 A Method and apparatus for welding precipitation hardenable materials 06/28/1994
5375149 A Apparatus and method for extracting power from energetic ions produced in nuclear fusion Nathaniel Fisch 06/28/1994

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