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No. Title Inventors
M-932 Removal of oxides from galinstan (gallium indium tin eutectic alloy) by reaction with elemental aluminum.
  • Erik P Gilson
  • Hantao Ji
M-931 Arc discharge with resistively heated electrodes for synthesis of nanomaterials
  • Yao-Wen Yeh
  • Yevgeny Raitses
M-930 Process to Calibrate Lorentz-Force Flowmeters
  • Mike Hvasta
M-928 Aggressive and or Distracted Driver Detection and Vehicle To Infrastructure communication system
M-927 Support Mechanism for the pivoted structure on the opposite side of the pivot
  • Allan Basile
  • Andrei Khodak
M-926 Minimum Backreflection Laser Beam Dump
M-925 Laser Pulse Compressor Using Magnetized Plasmas
  • Hong Qin
  • Nathaniel Fisch
M-924 A method to distill hydrogen isotopes from lithium
  • Egemen Kolemen
  • Richard P Majeski
M-923 Feathered surface geometry for reducing secondary electron yield
  • Charles Swanson
  • Igor Kaganovich
M-922 Wave-driven Electro-rotational Toroidd Confinement Device
  • Nathaniel Fisch
M-921 Self-Aligning translation mechanism for laser beams
M-920 Car/seat cabin ejection system for autonomous road vehicles
M-919 X-ray burst generation and control through sudden viscous dissipation in compressing plasma
  • Nathaniel Fisch
  • Seth Davidovits
M-918 Mass separation by neutral polarization effects
  • Ian Ochs
  • Nathaniel Fisch
M-917 Mass separation through biased drifts in collision gradients
  • Ian Ochs
  • Nathaniel Fisch
M-916 A Novel Precise Proton Range Diagnostic for Proton Therapy Treatment
  • Dale M Meade
  • Kenneth W Hill
  • Lan Gao
  • Manfred L Bitter
  • Philip C Efthimion
M-915 Controlling of hot spot location of compressing gas via spinning
  • Nathaniel Fisch
M-914 Active Protection of Optical Surfaces from Contaminations
  • Yevgeny Raitses
M-913 Dual Tokamak with Alternating Current Inductive Plasma Formation and Sustainment
M-911 The 'proper' Geometry for Conical X-ray Crystal Spectrographs and Novel Experimental Arrangements for the Spectroscopy of laser-produced plasmas and other small (point-like) X-ray Sources
  • Kenneth W Hill
  • Luis Delgado-Aparicio
  • Manfred L Bitter
  • Novimir Pablant
M-910 Plasma Incinerator System for the Reduction and Processing of Bulk Materials
  • Kenneth Silber
M-909 The Production & Generation of Radionuclides from Deuterium-Deuterium (D-D) & Deuterium-Tritium (D-T) Moderated and Non-Moderated Fusion Reactions for Medical, Industry, and Research Purposes
M-908 Automated Testing Instrument for Verification of Complex Computational Systems
  • Gretchen N Zimmer
M-907 A Neutral Beam Pole Shield with Copper Plates and Serviceable Molybdenum Inserts
  • Andrei Khodak
M-906 Transition-Edge Sensor X-Ray Fluorescence (TES-XRF) for High Resolution Material Identification
M-905 Self-Aligning Mirror Mechanism for Transmission Line Offset Correction
  • Michael Gomez
M-904 Distributed Intelligence Architecture for Real-Time Control, Protection and Instrumentation Systems
M-903 A Method of Choosing the Optimal Position, Orientation, and Acceptance of a Fast Ion Loss Detector or Collector in a Tokamak
M-902 A Method to Distill Hydrogen Isotopes from Lithium
  • Richard P Majeski
M-901 A New Class of Focusing Crystal Surfaces for the Bragg Spectroscopy of High-Density Plasmas and Small (point-like) X-Ray Sources
  • Manfred L Bitter
M-900 Drone Detection, Video Feed Interception and Pilot Locating System
M-899 Method of Enhancing the Signal at the Atmosphere Produced by an Electron Beam Injected from an Earth Orbiting Spacecraft
  • Igor Kaganovich
M-898 Method to Exhaust Fusion-Product Tritons and Alpha Particles Rapidly from D-3He Fueled FRC Fusion Reactors
  • Samuel A Cohen
M-897 Method to Increase 3He Supply for Use in Small Clean Fusion Reactors
  • Samuel A Cohen
M-896 Method to Widen the Scrape-off Layer (SOL) in an FRC Fusion Reactor
  • Samuel A Cohen
M-895 New Way of Analysis of the Magneto Hydrodynamic Flow Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Procedures
  • Andrei Khodak
M-894 Electrtostatic Beam-Plasma Thruster
  • Yevgeny Raitses
M-893 Piezoelectric Dust Levitator
M-892 Use of Liquid Electrodes for Magnetohydrodynamic Power Generation Applications
M-891 Electrical Detector for Liquid Lithium Leaks Around Demountable Pipe Joints
  • Jacob Schwartz
M-890 Adjustable Portable Tensile Testing Machine
  • Michael E Viola
M-889 Multi-Stage Plasma Switch
  • Yevgeny Raitses
M-888 Approach to Fast Liquid Metal Flow Up a Magnetic Field Gradient
  • Richard P Majeski
M-887 Concept for Reducing Hall Thruster Chamber Wall Erosion with Lithium Vapor Shielding.
M-886 NSTX-U Digital Coil Protection System Software Detailed Design
  • Keith Erickson
M-885 NSTX-U Control System Upgrades
  • Keith Erickson
M-884 Short-term Human Vision Protection from Intense Light Sources
M-883 NSTX-U Advances in Real-time C++11 on Linux
  • Keith Erickson
M-882 Pinhole Scheme and Heavy Particle Aerosol as a Method to Improve Spinning Injection
M-881 Sandwhiched Orb/Grid Heat Exchanger
  • Michael J Duco
M-880 Disposable Vacuum Viewport Protector
M-879 Enhanced Efficiency of Otto and Diesel Cycles by Employing Spinning Gas and a Flywheel.
  • Nathaniel Fisch
M-878 Mini-enclosure for Isolated Sample Transfer
  • Charles H Skinner
M-877 Interferometric Method of Measuring Parameters of Medium Oscillations.
  • Nathaniel Fisch
M-876 Method of Control o Multiple Contraction in the volume of Weakly Ionized Plasma by Standing Acoustic Wave Excitation.
  • Igor Kaganovich
M-875 Off-the-Shelf, Multi-Purpose, User Configurable Signal Interconnection System
M-874 Display of Hi-Res Data
  • Eliot A Feibush
M-872 Current Drive for Plasma Via Vertically-Structured Permanent Magnet System.
  • Ali Zolfaghari
M-871 Hybrid Molten Salt Reactor (HMSR): Method and System to fully fission actinides for electric power production without fuel enrichment, fabrication, or reprocessing
M-870 Double Well Mass Filter
  • Nathaniel Fisch
M-869 Simulation Based Method for Measuring Spatially Varying Properties of Neutral Atoms and Molecules in Plasmas
  • Daren P Stotler
M-868 Method of Focussing Waves by Inhomogeneous Oscillations of the underlying Medium
  • Nathaniel Fisch
M-867 Active Radiatiive Liquid Lithium (metal) Divertor
  • Masayuki Ono
M-867 Active Radiatiive Liquid Lithium (metal) Divertor
  • Masayuki Ono
  • Samuel A Cohen
M-864 “Display of Tournament Bracket” Inventors Eliot Feibush, Michael Knyszek, Matthew Lotocki, Jared Miller, Andrew Zwicker.
M-863 “Fueling method for small, steady-state, aneutronic FRC fusion reactors“ Inventors Samuel A. Cohen, Daren Stotler, Michael Buttolph
M-862 “ A Heterodyne Laser-induced Fluorescence Technique to Determine Simultaneously the Bulk and Time Varying Molecule Velocity Distribution.” Inventors Ahmed Diallo, Stephane Mazouffre.The method’s primary goal is to determine simultaneously the bulk a
M-861 “Increasing Solar Panel Efficiency And Reliability By Evaporative Cooling” Inventors..--.. Lewis Meixler, Charles Gentile, Patricia Hillyer, Dylan Carpe, Jason Wang, Caroline Brooks
M-860 “Method for Controlling of Spatial and Temporal Variations of Plasma Properties in Plasma Devices with Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields” Inventors Yevgeny Raitses, Alexander Merzhevskiy
M-859 “Plasma Thruster with Magnetically Insulated Anode: Inventor Yevgeny Raitses
M-858 “Permanent Magnet Generator-like AC Current Drive for Torroidal Fusion Devices” Inventor..--.. Ali Zolfaghari
M-857 “A Novel Objective for EUV Microscopy and EUV Lithography” Inventors ..--.. Manfred Bitter, Kenneth Hill, Philip Efthimion.
M-856 “Heat Exchange Enhancing Insert” Inventors .--.. Andrei Khodak, Michael A. Jaworski
M-855 “Plasma stability and burn control” Inventor...--.. Richard J. Hawryluk, Wayne Solomon
M-854 “Self Cooled Recirculating Liquid Metal Plasma Facing Wall System” Inventor ..--.. Richard P. Majeski
M-853 Method and Apparatus for Pasteurizing Shell Eggs Using Radio Frequency Heating” Inventors..--.. Christopher D. Brunkhorst, David J. Geveke, Andrew B. W. Bigley.
M-852 “Optimization of efficiency of internal combustion engines via using spinning gas and non-spectroscopic method of determining gas constituents through rotation ..--.. Inventors Nathaniel Fisch, Vasily Geyko
M-851 “Non-spectroscopic Method of Determining Gas Constituents through Rotation; 13-2808-1, Optimization of Efficiency of Internal Combustion Engines via Using Spinning Gas ..--.. Inventors Nathaniel Fisch, Vasily Geyko
M-850 "Stationary Flowing Liquid Lithium System For Pumping Out Atomic Hydrogen Isotopes and Ions" Leonid E. Zakharov and Charles Gentile
M-849 Process and Method to Enhance the Performance of Plasma-based Particle Accelerators Using Magnetic Plasma Compression
M-848 Lithium Droplet Injector......Inventors ..--..Lane Roquemore, Daniel Andruczyk
M-847 Transverse Focussing of Intense Charged Particle Beams with Chromatic Effects for Heavy Ion Fusion Inventors..--.. James M. Mitrani, Igor D, Kaganovich, Ronald C, Davidson.
M-846 “Radiative Liquid Lithium (metal) Divertor” Inventor..-- Masayuki Ono
M-845 A Method to Improve Voltage Holding Across Vacuum Electrical Gaps to Improve the Performance and Reduce the Conditioning Time by Removing Bacteria, Fungi, and Other Microbial Organisms and Their Spores. -- . Inventor Larry Grisham.
M-844 Visualization of Multivariate Data --- Inventor: Eliot Feibush
M-843 Vacuum Attachment for Collection of Lithium Powder ---- Inventor(s) Hans Schneider and Stephan Jurczynski
M-842 Stainless Steel Hotplate Heater for Long Objects --- Inventor(s): Stephan Jurczynski and Hans Schneider
M-841 Hold Down Clamp with Integral Thermocouple Probe --- Inventor(s): Hans Schneider, Stephan Jurczynski and John Vaccaro
M-840 Radially Cooled Toroidal Field Centerpost --- Inventor Robert D. Woolley
M-839 Practical Considerations in Realizing a Magnetic Centrifugal Mass Filter --- Inventor(s): Renaud Guerouit and Nathaniel J. Fisch
M-838 Optimization of the Configuration of Pixilated Detectors for the X-ray Spectroscopy of Hot Plasmas Based on the Shannon-Nyquist Theorem ---- Inventor(s): Manfred L. Bitter, Kenneth W. Hill, Luis Delgado-Apricio, and Novimir Pablant
M-837 Method to Produce High Specific Impulse and Moderate Thrust from a Fusion-powered Rocket Engine: (ARE-Aneutronic Rocket Engine) --- Inventor(s) Samuel A. Cohen, Michael Paluszek, Yosef Razin, and Gary Pajer
M-836 Metered Evaporator for Tokamak Wall Conditioning --- Inventor(s): Charles H. Skinner, Dennis Mansfield, Henry Kugel, Hans Schneider and Lane Roquemore
M-835 Feedback Control of Azimuthal Oscillations in ExB Devices --- Inventor(s) Martin E. Griswold, C. Leland Ellison, Yevgeny Raitses and Nathaniel J. Fisch
M-834 Combined Reflectivity/imaging Method for Assessing Diagnostic Mirror Cleaning Treatments ---- Inventor: Charles H. Skinner
M-833 Granular Lithium Injector --- Inventor(s) Lane Roquemore and Dennis Mansfield
M-832 An Advanced Liquid Centrifuge Using Differentially Rotating Cylinders and Optimized Boundary Conditions --- Inventor(s) Hantao Ji, Adam Cohen, Phil Efthimion and Eric Edlund
M-831 Method to Reduce Neutron Production in Small Clean Fusion Reactors Inventor --- Samuel A. Cohen
M-830 Two Novel x-ray Optical Schemes for Spectroscopy with Fast Time Resolution and Two-dimensional Imaging with High Magnification ---- Inventor(s) Manfred Bitter, Kenneth W. Hill, Luis Delgado-Apricio, Novimir Pablant, Steve Scott and Frank Jones
M-829 Natural Gas Compressor for Residential Use ---- Inventor Robert Cutler
M-828 Method of Preparing Super-Concentrated Jets From Dense Aerosol Suspensions ----- Inventor(s): Michael J. Hay, Ernest J. Valeo, and Nathaniel J. Fisch
M-827 Bicycle Generator Lightbar Indicator ----- Inventors William Evans (Princeton University), Andrew Zwicker, and Shana Weber (Princeton University)
M-826 A Lithium Getter Pump System ---- nventors Richard Majeski, Eugene Kearns, and John Schmitt
M-825 A Small, Clean, Stable Fusion Power Plant ---- Inventor Samuel A. Cohen
M-824 Ion Beam Neutralization by a Tenuous Background Plasma ---- Inventors Igor Kaganovich and William Berdanier
M-823 Hydrogen Isotope Separation From Noble Gasses in Plasma Exhausts and Other Gas Streams --- Inventors Thomas A. Kozub, William R. Blanchard and Charles A. Gentile
M-822 Catalyzing Alpha-Channeling by Minority Ion Injection in Mirror Machines Inventors Andrey Zhmoginov and Nathaniel Fisch
M-821 Method for the Production of Ultrashort Peak Power Laser Pulses and System For Putting Into Practice This Method Inventors Gerard Mourou, Nathaniel J. Fisch, Vladimir M. Malkin, and Zeev Toroker
M-820 Apparatus for an Inertial Fusion Reactor Inventor Abraham Massry
M-819 A Magnetically Controlled Plasma Source Inventor Yevgeny Raitses
M-818 Magnetic Centrifugal Mass Filter Abraham J. Fetterman and Nathaniel J. Fisch
M-817 Distributed Production of Radionuclide Mo-99 Charles A. Gentile, Adam B. Cohen and George Ascione
M-817 Production of Radionuclide Molybdenum 99 in a Distributed and In Sit Fashion.---- Inventor(s): Charles Gentile, Adam B. Cohen and George Ascione.
M-816 Particle Gas Target for High Density Laser Produced Plasmas Charles H. Skinner, Nathaniel Fisch, and Ernest Valeo
M-815 Systems and Methods for Cylindrical Hall Thrusters with Independently Controllable Ionization and Acceleration Stages Yevgeny Raitses, Nathaniel J. Fisch and Kevin D. Diamant (The Aerospace Corp.)
M-814 Collaborative Mathematical Workbench Eliot Feibush, Matthew Milano, Benjamin Phillips, Andrew Zwicker, and James Morgan
M-813 Method of Producing Ultra-heavy Homogeneous Aerosol of Sub-micron Particles Ernest J. Valeo and Nathaniel J. Fisch
M-812 Handheld Digital Three-Dimensional Color Imaging Camera Peter King Humanik and Eric Edlund
M-811 Helium Pumping Wall for a Liquid Lithium Tokamak Richard Majeski
M-810 Magnetic Divertor for Low Plasma Recycling in Tokamaks Ernesto Mazzucato
M-809 EPICS MDSplus Bridge Dana Mastrovito
M-808 A Catalyst Wire-feed Arc Discharge for Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Particles
  • Yevgeny Raitses
M-807 DEGAS 2 Daren Stotler and Charles Karney
  • Daren P Stotler
M-806 Plasma Synthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide
M-805 Methods of Using Alpha Channeling Together with Transformer Recharging
  • Nathaniel Fisch
M-804 Session Timer
  • Eliot A Feibush
M-803 Fast Equilibrating 1st Wall -Majeski
  • Richard P Majeski
M-802 Process for Administering Distributed Academic Competitions
  • Andrew P Zwicker
  • Eliot A Feibush
M-801 Wave-driven Countercurrent Plasma Centrifuge
  • Nathaniel Fisch
M-800 Powder Dropper
  • Dennis K Mansfield
M-666 Remote Control of Laboratory Equipment for Educational Purposes
  • Andrew P Zwicker
Japan - 6,023,876 Method to Produce High Specific Impulse and Moderate Thrust from a Fusion-Powered Rocket Engine
  • Samuel A Cohen

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