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Prairie View A&M University, Historically Black College and University (HBCU)

Professor Tian-sen Huang

The Prairie View Plasma Lab (PVPL) is the only fusion plasma lab operated at an HBCU, and a major research and education laboratory at Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU). The lab has two rotamak devices supported by two 500kHz/400 kW rf generators to operate a rotating magnetic field drive-FRC plasma.  Since PVPL 2001, PPPL/OSUR provided significant technical and material support during the lab's construction, and assisted in the installation and initial operation of the rotomak FRC plasma device.  Because there is no engineering support service at PVAMU, PPPL organized an engineering team that gave the PVPL team assistance in assembling the parts of the old rotamak FRC plasma device from Australia, .  OSUR's help was critical in the installation and intial operation of the rf power system and turbo pump.  In conducting its experiments, PVPL has continually acquired PPPL/OSUR's assistance. Almost each year PPPL/OSUR has sent scientists or engineers to PVPL. OSUR's assistance included installation of a gas puffing system, providing a data acquisition system from CAMAC hardware previously used at PPPL, improving probe and spectroscopic diagnostics, manufacturing copper rings for magnetic flux control, providing a Phantom 7.3 camera for measurements to record the FRC plasma's tilt mode instability, and completing the rf power measurement system.  This Prairie View research program has been very successful in publishing papers and training students. 


Photographs of PVAMU students in front of experiment and near the data acquisition system and other instrumentation.

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