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June 11, 2014, 2:00pm

MBG Auditorium

An Engineering Study for a Fusion-Fission Hybrid Reactor

Robert D Woolley
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

In 2013 Bob Woolley completed his Nuclear Engineering PhD at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a dissertation on a proposed conceptual design for a Fusion-Fission Hybrid Molten Salt Reactor (FFHMSR). This talk will review the background, present the design concept, explain the analysis methods and findings, and discuss how the conceptual design might be pursued.

The combination of (1) a critical fission molten salt reactor having a thermal neutron spectrum with (2) a source of high energy neutrons from DT fusion thus forming a single system can increase the amount of energy produced from mined uranium by a factor of 100 while enhancing safety, reducing waste disposal needs, and improving proliferation resistance.  It can also provide energy from Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) and abundant energy from thorium.  A key finding revealed that the needed DT neutron source, which may be intermittent without interrupting overall plant power output, can be less than 1% of total plant power. This implies that fusion Q(eng) energy gains near 0.1 would be adequate.  This FFHMSR design may be a useful near-term commercial application of fusion while longer term research continues in pursuit of pure fusion power systems.

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