Colloquium: Implications of National Academy of Engineering Study for Fusion

May 31, 2023, 4:00 pm5:15 pm



Event Description

Nuclear reactors can provide low-carbon energy and advanced nuclear technologies could play an important role in moving the United States towards a zero-carbon future. Next-generation “advanced” fission reactors have the potential to be smaller, safer, less expensive to build, and better integrated with the modern grid. However, the technical, economic, and regulatory outlook for these technologies remains uncertain. A recently released National Academy of Engineering (NAE) study assessed the future of new and advanced nuclear reactor technologies and identifies the opportunities and barriers to commercialization. In this colloquium, Ford — who served on the NAE Committee that produced the study — will review the key findings and recommendations and  examine the areas that may have relevance for the development and commercialization of fusion energy systems.

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Anurag Maan