PPPL COLLOQUIUM: Alex Valentine and Jonathan Naish, UKAEA, "Advancing Methods for Fusion Neutronics: An Overview of Workflows and Nuclear Analysis Activities at UKAEA"

Aug 4, 2022, 9:00 am10:00 am
Jack Berkery
Event Description

Alex Valentine, UKAEA, Senior Nuclear Radiation Analyst
Jonathan Naish, UKAEA, Lead for STEP Neutronics

Researchers are accelerating global research programs focusing on a commercially viable model of a fusion power plant at an unprecedented rate. One critical element of the design and licensing is an accurate understanding of the radiation environment throughout the plant lifetime and subsequent decommissioning phase. For example, the radiation produced by fusion reactions produces causes phenomena including flux leakage, materials activation, and decay gamma fields. Therefore, demonstrating compliance with limits, the integrity of components, and the permissibility of operations are all fundamental to regulatory approval and the overall safety of a nuclear device. To help the effort, scientists use neutronics -- the mapping of radiation fields in nuclear devices -- to design fusion facilities. In addition, the Applied Radiation Technology group at UKAEA is developing new methods and deploying state-of-the-art codes to conduct this nuclear analysis.

This talk will highlight recent developments and research activities in this field with specific focus on the nuclear analysis of the UK’s STEP prototype reactor.

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