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A world of engineering takes place at PPPL, and our engineers’ work has a world-wide impact.


Our engineers apply their skills and knowledge to projects at PPPL and at fusion facilities around the world. They are committed to helping design the next generation of fusion facilities to carry out PPPL’s mission to develop fusion energy as a safe, clean and virtually limitless energy source. They also bring these skills to PPPL’s expanded mission to apply our plasma research to microelectronics, quantum materials and devices and sustainability science.

Gretchen Zimmer, Lead Software Engineer


Engineer Spotlights

Cate Biava

Mechanical Design Engineer

Keith Corrigan

Senior Engineer

Dylan Corl

Staff Mechanical Engineer

Lei Weng

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer


Our Focus Areas

Virtual Engineering

The digital engineering group uses existing modeling and engineering tools to optimize the design process and improve PPPL’s workflow, allowing engineers to make design improvements in a virtual environment, working hand in hand with the physics and computational sciences group.


Design, Analysis and CAD

The Computer-aided Design (CAD) engineering group is focused on applying design, analysis and computer-aided design skills to create detailed plans for the experiments and experimental components vital to PPPL’s research.


Experimental Operations

The experimental operations unit installs, maintains and operates PPPL’s leading experiments, the National Spherical Torus Experiment-Upgrade (NSTX-U) and the Facility for Laboratory Reconnection Experiments (FLARE).


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Meet the Team

Michael Ford
Associate Laboratory Director for Engineering
Kathryn Morrison
Engineering Directorate Operations Officer
Douglas Loesser
Division Director, DAC
Michael Churchill
Head of Digital Engineering
Dave Micheletti
Division Director, Major Science and Engineering Projects
Robert Ellis
Chief Engineer

Engineering powers our research

Explore some of the many ways that our engineers make the science we do possible.