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Employee Resource Groups: 

Nearly half of Princeton University employees engage in one or more employee resource groups (ERGs). These volunteer, employee-led organizations are comprised of professionals who come together based on shared interests and/or identities. ERGs work to create a more inclusive environment and sense of belonging within the institution while also remaining engaged with external communities. Membership and participation in all ERGs are open to all employees, regardless of identity. Participation is an excellent way for staff to connect, learn, build ally-ship, and grow at work.

PPPL ERG's Include: Over 100 PPPL employees participate in at least one of Princeton’s twelve ERGs, and 52 PPPL employees lead and participate in at least one of PPPL-specific ERGs, as outlined below. PPPL identified the ERG model as an area for strengthening the PPPL work culture - PPPL ERGs align to, and benefit from, Princeton’s model, but are sponsored locally at PPPL. This includes the Executive Sponsor, the charter, and annual goals that are outlined for each ERG.

The ERGs work closely with the Office of Human Resources to create value in the following ways:

  • Create community for enhanced employee engagement and retention through networking, knowledge sharing, and increased cultural understanding and connection;

  • Leverage both campus resources and external professional networks for personal and professional growth and development;

  • Share employee experiences with prospective candidates and collaborate in the hiring process to foster positive candidate and onboarding experiences;

  • Engage in local community outreach and partnerships.

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