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CLOµDS at Trenton Central High School

As a new extension of our CLOµDS teacher professional development program, we’ve recently initiated a club at Trenton Central High School that gives students the opportunity to build an experiment that will be performed in microgravity. Through our renewed partnership with Science Mentors 1:1, Maureen Quinn sought out support from the school and continually encourages the best and the brightest students to succeed. 

The 11 gifted and talented students of the CLOµDS: TCHS project are able propose an experiment that they want to investigate in microgravity. They will follow through with this experiment from the early design, construction and ground-based testing stages all the way to the final analysis after the experiment has been performed.  

After three meetings this month, the fledgling club has reviewed projects flown in the CLOµDS 2011 campaign, performed ground-based trials of their teachers’ experiments, and began the process of brainstorming to create their very own microgravity experiment that will fly in the 2012 campaign. The club hopes to have their final experiment chosen by December, at which point the design process will begin! 


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