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Entrance Procedures for PPPL

General Information

Prior notification of visitors to PPPL is required.

PPPL Security retains the right to inspect all vehicles and personal property before entering or leaving the site.

Before entering the Lab campus, non-student visitors age 18 and over are required to show a U.S. government-issued photo I.D. (for example, passport or driver's license).

Foreign national (non-U.S.) citizens are required to show a passport or home government-issued photo I.D., and provide the following information: citizenship, date and place of birth, name of PPPL Host. They are also required to fill out this form in advance.



Important Information Regarding Computer Use for Visitors

PPPL provides internet access for visitors who bring a personal computer and wish to check e-mail or browse the web while on-site. Visitors who need internet access are required to register their computer upon initial network connection to PPPL's wired or wireless guest network, and all registering computers must meet limited set of configuration requirements. These precautions are in place both for the protection of the PPPL network, and for the protection of our visitors accessing a US government network:

  • All guest computers must have antivirus software installed and running.
  • The antivirus signature in use must not be more than two weeks old.
  • For Microsoft Windows computers, critical patches older than 30 days must be installed.

Visitor's computers are automatically scanned during network registration to determine compliance with these requirements. If the scan detects non-compliance, the visitor is presented with a web page detailing why the scan failed, and instructions to correct the issue. Limited access to the internet in order to download and install the necessary updates is permitted after a failed scan. In most cases, the required configuration changes are simple and should take just a few minutes. PPPL helpdesk staff are available for additional assistance if necessary. Once the changes have been made, the computer is re-scanned automatically and granted access to the PPPL guest network.

PPPL Guest Network Access Instructions


PPPL is a participant in eduroam (short for education roaming), a secure, world-wide roaming internet access service developed for the international research and education community.

Eduroam Instructions  

Please see our privacy policy for further information.


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