Our Vision



Enabling a world powered by safe,
clean and plentiful fusion energy
while leading discoveries in
plasma science and technology


PPPL aims to solve a grand scientific challenge of the 21st century – harnessing on Earth the fusion energy that drives the sun and stars to produce a safe, clean and virtually unlimited source of power for generating the world’s electricity. We are simultaneously leading advances in next-generation computing and microelectronics, and are forming partnerships with industries that are shaping these fields and accelerating the development of fusion energy. 




Princeton Plasma Innovation Center (PPIC) entry view render

Princeton Plasma Innovation Center (PPIC) rendering


A Huge Space for Innovation

PPPL plans to build on its past as we repurpose the massive structure that housed the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor in the 1980s and 1990s to construct modern research space. The Fusion Research and Technology Hub, which includes this facility and a new office building, will provide space for researchers advancing fusion energy in this century through public-private partnerships.

The Lab of the Future will be supported by a multimillion-dollar upgrade of PPPL’s infrastructure, including modernizing its communications network, electrical systems, HVAC, and chilled water systems, making the campus truly a 21st century centerpiece for scientific and engineering research.



Conducting research through advanced computing is central to the fusion and plasma science mission of PPPL. Now as part of the Lab’s expansion into a multi-purpose research center physicist William Dorland of the University of Maryland has joined PPPL to create and run a high-performance Computational Science Department.

The Laboratory is expanding into research on the advanced nanofabrication of LTP for creating the next-generation of semiconductors, an internationally competitive field whose leadership will shape the future of computing. 

The world-class research capabilities of PPPL make it an attractive partner for public-private ventures. The Laboratory partners with companies in the U.S. and abroad to speed the development of fusion under the U.S. Department of Energy’s Innovation Network for Fusion Energy (INFUSE) program.