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Diversity is at the heart of our Laboratory’s core values. As Steve Cowley, PPPL director, puts it, “Innovation is only possible when staff are able to access, harness, and express their ideas. This requires a diverse and inclusive environment, in which everyone can thrive.” 

Our pledge to diversity, equity and inclusion, in parallel with the Princeton University Racial Equity Initiative, is to attract and retain a staff that more closely reflects both the diverse makeup of the communities we live in and the national pool of candidates.


Our Pledge

PPPL set goals in 2020 as part of a five-year diversity, equity and inclusion pledge aimed at transforming our culture. Our objective is to attract and retain staff that more closely reflect both the diverse makeup of the communities we live in and the national pool of candidates. We pledge to: 

  • Aspire to increase by 50 percent the number of supervisor and leadership members from underrepresented groups by the end of 2025. 
  • Develop the science, technology, engineering and mathematics pipeline through apprenticeship and internship programs. 
  • Work with the University to diversify Princeton and PPPL’s postdoctoral researchers and graduate students 
  • Creating a more accessible and inclusive lab for differently abled talent.   
  • Support ongoing inclusion and diversity-related professional development and other educational opportunities for the PPPL community, aligning with Princeton;
  • Strengthen PPPL’s small business program for supplier and contractor diversity; and
  • Review benefits and policies, with an eye to enhancing equity for all employees.


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“A diverse staff is key to PPPL carrying out our scientific mission of developing fusion energy as a plentiful, safe, and abundant source of generating electric energy. We take this goal very seriously at PPPL and we believe that each member of our staff contributes to our mission. This is a challenging and exciting time at our national laboratory, full of opportunities for growth for our existing and future staff. We hope you will find out more about our diversity efforts, our scientific research, and our open positions here at PPPL."

— Steve Cowley, PPPL Director



Employee Resource Groups

PPPL’s employee resource groups (ERGs) are volunteer-led employee groups that work to provide a more inclusive and supportive environment in the PPPL community. These groups provide feedback to leadership, create a sense of belonging, and offer community engagement, networking, and leadership opportunities to our staff.

Staff are also able to join a variety of other ERGs available through Princeton University.

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