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PPPL Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

PPPL's Environmentally Preferrable Purchasing (EPP)



Executive Orders and DOE Orders require sustainable acquisition and procurement by ensuring that each of the following environmental performance and sustainability factors are included to the maximum extent practicable. PPPL requires all  employees, contractors and subcontractors to adhere to federal EPP.


Federal Requirements by Product: 

Appliances                                       Building Finishes                               Building Furnishings
Cafeteria Products                           Cleaning Products                              Construction Materials
Contracted Printing Products           Doors and Windows                           HVAC/Mechanical
Landscaping Products                     Lighting and Ceiling Fans                   Lube, Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, & Grease
Miscellaneous                                  Non-Paper Office Products                Office Electronics
Paper Office Products                       Park and Recreation                          Plumbing Systems
Refrigeration Systems                      Renewable Energy                             Roadway Construction
Vehicles and Vehicle Products

Federal Requirements by Service:

Cafeteria & Food Services
Fleet Maintenance
Landscaping Services
Laundry Services
Pest Management
Transportation Services

Federal Requirements 

CPG Supplier Searchable Database -  EPA designated product you are interested. You do not need to specify all of the criteria, just those that make sense to you.

ENERGYSTAR - Energy efficient products for building and homes.

FEMP Designated Energy Efficient Products - DOE's Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) energy efficiency requirements for appliances, operations and faciltiies. 

EPEAT - Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool

SNAP Non Ozone-Depleting Alternative Products - US EPA program 

USDA BioPreferred Program - 100% of purchases must include Biobased products.

WaterSense Water Efficient Products - US EPA Water efficency products.

Safer Choice Products - US EPA Program to procure safer chemical products.

Smart Way Transporters - US EPA Program reduces transportation-related emissions. 


Resources to Procure Federal Purchasing

GSA Advantage! Green Purchasing Resources

GSA Advantage offers thousands of products and services to meet your environmental purchasing goals. This Environmental page is designed to give you easy access to the wide variety of environmental products and services offered by GSA. We encourage you to purchase products designated as "Energy Star", "Recycled", "EPEAT" and more.

Sustaibale Tool (SF TOOL) Green Products Compilation

Compilation of the products for which EPA, DOE, and USDA have provided environmental or energy attribute recommendations. Mobile green product apps are also available for download.

EPA Greener Products

The EPA Greener Products portal is designed to help the user navigate the increasingly important and complex world of greener products. It allows users to search for EPA programs related to greener products based on the type of user and their specific product interests. It also links to additional greener products information from EPA and other sources

EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guide (CPG)

The CPG program is authorized by Congress under Section 6002 of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Executive Order 13423. EPA is required to designate products that are or can be made with recovered materials, and to recommend practices for buying these products. Once a product is designated, procuring agencies are required to purchase it with the highest recovered material content level practicable.

EPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP)

US EPA can help you find and evaluate information about green products and services, identify federal green buying requirements, calculate the costs and benefits of purchasing choices, and manage green purchasing processes.

FedCenter - Acquisition Resources

The FedCenter web site includes a consolidated source for Federal sustainable acquisition programs, including ENERGYSTAR, EPAT, WaterSense and the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guide.

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