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PPPL in the News

PPPL was covered in a segment on fusion energy produed by NJTV.

PPPL director Steven Cowley was quoted in stories posted by Yahoo! Finance and the Los Alamos Daily Post about new discoveries made by Department of Energy contractor General Atomics.

PPPL's study of fusion-powered rocket engines that could propel future spacecraft was mentioned by stories in Space.com and the Daily Mail

The creation of a stable, strongly magnetized plasma jet in a laboratory setting -- making possible the study of much larger jets that stream from black holes and newborn stars -- was covered by Tech Explorist, Science Alert, Canadian Homesteading

The role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in developing fusion energy was covered by Science Times, The Weekend Leader, MicroCap Observer, Tech Explorist, IT Technology News24, and Digital Overload.

HPC WireWorld Nuclear News, and R&D posted stories that mentioned how the development of the next generation of high-performance computing could benefit fusion research.

A story posted by Futurism addressed the recent upgrade of PPPL's Lithium Tokamak Experiment machine, which tests the ability of lithium to improve the operations of fusion devices known as tokamaks.

Many media outlets have been covering PPPL's research into using machine learning techniques to help develop fusion energy, including Electronics Weekly, Silicon Republic, Business Standard, The Week, DevDiscourse, TechGraph, Edgy, Science World Report, R&DSynced ReviewAnalytics India, Science Times, The Weekend Leader, Tech Explorist, IT Technology News 24, and Digital Overload

The Daily Beast posted a story about PPPL research into stabilizing fusion plasmas.

A story about fusion energy and artificial intelligence that mentioned PPPL was published by The Verge.

Futurism posted a story based on research by PPPL physicist Roscoe White into how resonance affects the efficiency of fusion devices.

Science X and Forbes posted stories about new research by PPPL physicists Allan Reiman and Nathaniel Fisch into stabilizing fusion plasmas.

Newsweek posted an opinion piece by PPPL physicists Allan Reiman and Nathaniel Fisch about their latest research.

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