I Am the Lab

Joseph Winston

“Here we are trying to do what the sun does – making fusion energy. I find that mind-boggling. It’s inspiring.”

Anthony Pizzo

“I fully support PPPL’s primary mission of developing fusion energy into a sustainable and renewable energy source the entire world can use. I think it’s incredible that I get to be part of that. When fusion energy does succeed, I can say I was there when it was starting.”

April Mills

“Working somewhere where you fully and utterly believe in what they’re doing is incredibly fulfilling. I’m so proud of the work that PPPL is doing. The whole Lab is doing amazing things.”

Neil Gerrish

“It’s an opportunity to support new directions and a future that’s beneficial for everyone. I think it’s really a noble cause or noble endeavor really, working with the advancement of fusion research and technology and being able to provide sustainable energy for us and for the world. Having a small part in that process is very fulfilling.”

Pamela Tucker

“Being a part of the change that takes place at the Lab is amazing, and I always look forward to coming into work each day because of it. Not everyone has the ability to say that they’re contributing to something revolutionary, so I’m grateful for each day that I’m able to contribute to the Lab’s success."

Ricardo Marquez

“Seeing the passion from people who wake up every day to change the world, it’s cool to be a part of that — to know that if a breakthrough happens, you were part of helping the people that created that is pretty incredible.”

Morgan Styer

“I love that we’re working toward sustainable fusion that could become the energy source of the future. That, and our talented co-workers, are what keeps bringing me back to work day after day."

Claudia Bernhardt

“I like what the Lab stands for: the mission of clean energy. The Lab’s mission is the motivator.”

Margaret Kevin-King

“I’m grateful to be working at a place that’s going to make a positive difference in the world."

Andy Carpe

"I can honestly say I never wake up in the morning and feel like I don’t want to go to work. I love my job, I love this place and I believe in our mission."

Pia Wilson

“What I enjoy most is that every day is different, and it provides new challenges in sourcing and trying to find the best product available at the best value."

Trisha Perez

“PPPL is a pioneer in plasma physics and I think administrators help. We are contributors, we are necessary, and we keep everybody accountable. We are central to the mission."

Dina Christie

“When I tell people I work at PPPL I have a sense of pride. It is an honor and pleasure to support the Emergency Services Unit. That’s where my true passion is."

Danny Cai

“Fusion energy is going to be another revolution for humankind. I think most of us engineers here are excited and want to contribute to that goal."