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US ITER Diagnostics WBS Manager

RES 05
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Depending on applicant's qualifications, PPPL research ranks RM4-RM5 or engineering ranks EM8-EM9 could be considered for this position.

The US ITER Diagnostics WBS Manager manages the work needed to fulfill USIPO diagnostic commitments and to complete planned activities on cost and schedule.
This involves working closely with the Diagnostic Division of the ITER Organization (IO) to develop the US diagnostics, the USIPO, which is responsible for all ITER procurement arrangements, and the diagnostic scientists and engineers in other domestic agencies as needed. This also entails managing the activities of a PPPL engineering team designing and procuring port plug components and diagnostic front-end components, and procuring and overseeing services of expert diagnostic teams to provide design support and components for US ITER diagnostics consistent with the requirements (hardware, software, and documentation requirements) specified by the USIPO and the IO.

Responsible for the delivery to ITER of 7 diagnostic systems (Toroidal Interferometer /Polarimeter, Upper Visible/IR Cameras, Motional Stark Effect Diagnostic, Residual Gas
Analyzer, Low Field Side Reflectometer, Electron Cyclotron Emission Diagnostic, and the Core Imaging X-ray Spectrometer) and 4 port plugs, following completion of the design of these components.

Oversees US ITER diagnostic budget of ~$120M. Reports on budgets, schedules, risks and performance variances.

Oversees the creation of numerous documents associated with the design and provision of US ITER diagnostics including: cost estimates, schedule estimates, risk impact and mitigation, work plans, project change request, statements of work, source selection plans, QA and QC plans, R&D plans, document packages for ITER design reviews, manufacturing and inspection plans, acceptance test plans, commissioning plans and operating and maintenance manuals. Ensures that the documentation requirements are implemented by having both staff as well as subcontractors reporting to this position. Is familiar with the requirements from both the USIPO and the IO for documentation.

Meets with counterparts in IO and USIPO on a regular basis and meets with counterparts in other domestic agencies as needed. Able to negotiate and work with his counterparts to execute the objectives of the Project.

? Advanced degree in physics or engineering
? >15 years experience in engineering design, construction and development of plasma diagnostics for fusion devices
? >5 years experience in technical project management
? Expertise in several of the following technologies ? visible and IR optics and optical design; IR lasers; mm microwave transmission and detection; x-ray, visible, and IR image sensors; x-ray and visible spectroscopy; high vacuum would be valuable
? Familiarity with ITER Project preferred

Must be able to engage in domestic and international travel.

U.S. Department of Energy
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