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The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) seeks to fill a research physicist position at the DIII-D National Facility in San Diego.  The successful candidate will plan, perform and analyze experiments at the DIII-D National Fusion Facility in San Diego and at other national and international facilities to understand the transport properties of advanced plasma scenarios. Thermal, particle and momentum confinement will be characterized through carefully designed experiments and compared with simulations using predictive transport codes to validate the physics mechanisms that control thermal, particle and momentum transport in advanced plasma scenarios. As an example, understanding the transport dependence on input torque and on the ratio of electron to ion heating is critical for projecting results from current experiments to burning plasma relevant conditions.  These studies will aim to develop a path for optimizing plasma performance in burning plasma relevant regimes and to use these validated transport models to predict the performance of ITER and other next step fusion devices. Modeling tools available and expected to be utilized include but are not limited to PTRANSP and TSC coupled with transport models such as TGLF and stability calculations from DCON and PEST.  The successful candidate will be based in San Diego and is expected to travel nationally and internationally to interact with other leading experiments addressing similar issues and conduct joint experiments.

Applicants should have a strong experimental background and have familiarity with running sophisticated modeling codes.

Applicant should have a Ph.D. in plasma physics, with preference given to applicants with experience in running sophisticated modeling codes and in conducting experiments on plasma devices.

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