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Quality:  the characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.

Quality Assurance:  the planned and systematic activities implemented to provide confidence that a product or service will fulfill its requirements for quality.

Plasma meets nano at PPPL

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have launched a new effort to apply expertise in plasma to study and optimize the use of the hot, electrically charged gas as a tool for producing nanoparticles. This research aims to advance the understanding of plasma-based synthesis processes, and could lead to new methods for creating high-quality nanomaterials at relatively low cost.

Super Separator

Superior separation of nuclear waste: This advanced centrifuge under development at PPPL can deliver faster, more efficient and more economical separation of nuclear waste than standard centrifuges permit.

John W DeLooper

Helping others comes naturally to John DeLooper. He hung around the Lodi volunteer ambulance corps as a teenager and joined up as soon as he turned 18. He went on to become captain of the Lodi ambulance and rescue squad, which answered some 2,000 emergency calls a year. “I enjoyed helping people in their time of need,” he recalled.

At Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, buying small is a big win

When scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) needed metal flanges for a specialized piece of equipment, Principal Buyer Arlene White could have ordered them from a range of major manufacturers.

Instead, the $150,000 order went to Zenex Precision Products, a small, family-owned machine shop in Paterson, N.J.


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