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Healthmedicinet.com reposted a PPPL article about a new theoretical framework for improving the stability and intensity of particle accelerator beams.

Seeker.com published a story about PPPL and W7-X that quotes PPPL principal research physicist David Gates.

Forbes published a story mentioning new research by PPPL physicists showing that magnetic reconnection may occur more quickly than predicted because of magnetic islands known as plasmoids.

The BBC interviewed PPPL scientist Sam Lazerson about his role in verifying the precision of the magnetic fields produced by Germany's W7-X stellarator fusion facility.

Many other media outlets covered the story about PPPL being involved with the W7-X magnetic field verification project, including Futurism, Science Alert, The Daily Mail, Nature World News, Interesting Engineering, the International Business Times, Popular Mechanics, and Why4News.       

This piece, posted on TheConversation.com, was written by PPPL deputy director of research Michael Zarnstorff and former PPPL director Stewart Prager. The article examines the current state of fusion research and outlines the road towards fusion power.

A story posted on Wired.com examined recent research that might reveal why magnetic reconnection occurs more quickly than predicted.

These Engadget story and Futurism stories also tackeld the magnetic reconnection research.

A PPPL scientist was quoted in a Science story about fusion reactors.

PPPL was mentioned in a Scientific American article about fusion energy start-ups.

Nature ran a story on upcoming NSTX-U repairs.

Scientific American ran the Nature story on NSTX-U.

Newsworks covered the NSTX-U repairs here.

The Times of Trenton ran an editorial supporting PPPL and fusion energy.

Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz visited PPPL in May to dedicate the National Spherical Torus Experiment-Upgrade machine.

Here's a story in the Times of Trenton.

Here's a story that ran on WHYY.

NJTV also ran a story.

The Princeton Packet published a piece, too.

The visit was also covered by Gizmodo.

Science magazine’s Eric Hand writes about PPPL’s National Spherical Torus Upgrade in the Princeton Alumni Weekly

A story by a WHYY writer details the recent Young Women's Conference.

Articles on PPPL’s Young Women’s Conference also appeared in The Times of Trenton/N.J. Com and in the Princeton Packet/centraljersey.com. News-12 New Jersey and WOR-TV’s “News Chasers also covered the event. 

Stories about PPPL’s My Brother’s Keeper event were in the Times of Trenton/N.J.Com and the Princeton Packet, and on News12-N.J. and WOR-TV’s “News Chasers.” 

This Discover blog post tackles the current fusion landscape.

This article in the International Business Times discusses the new lab space at PPPL dedicated to finding neutrinos using tritium.

An article in Business Insider about the ITER project quoted Jon Menard, PPPL's NSTX-U Program Director.

An article in the Daily Mail mentioned PPPL research into why solar flares sometimes erupt from the surface of the sun.

An article in Chemical & Engineering News about Germany's Wendelstein 7-X machine quotes PPPL physicist David Gates.

A story on NJ.com details the regional science bowl that was held at PPPL in February.


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