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From a front-page story on PPPL’s $94 million upgrade of its National Spherical Torus Experiment in The Times of Trenton to a story in Scientific American on PPPL’s Magnetic Reconnection Experiment, the Laboratory made headlines in newspapers, science publications, and websites throughout the fall and summer of 2014. Here are a few of the highlights:

A podcast on “Solar Winds and Hot Plasma Experiments,” at Physics Central featuring PPPL’s Masaaki Yamada, the principle investigator for the MRX, aired on Dec. 3.

PPPL directors were quoted in several articles about Lockheed Martin working to develop a fusion reactor within 10 years. The publications included Foreign Policy, the Huffington Post, and Nature magazine.

A story on laser experiments that mimic cosmic explosions appeared in Science Daily on Oct. 28 and in Photonics Online.

A Canadian Broadcasting Corp. interview with PPPL Director Stewart Prager for the CBC radio program “Quirks & Quarks.” Prager discussed the future of the international fusion experiment ITER for the weekly science program with an audience of some 500,000 listeners.

A Times of Trenton editorial, “PPPL fusion work will focus on the future of energy,” appeared on Sept. 9.

WHYY ran a story on PPPL’s Remote Glow Discharge Experiment on Sept. 1.

A story on the Boy Scout STEM Fair hosted by PPPL last year and a sidebar about research at PPPL appeared as a feature article in Boy’s Life magazine in September.

The Times of Trenton published a story on Aug. 20 on the work of researchers at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory’s Princeton Center of Heliospheric Physics to study space weather in the region of space surrounding the sun and the planets.

A story about a Chatham NJ high school science camp visiting PPPL appeared in the Alternative Press on Aug. 7.

Phys.org published a story on July 22 on PPPL receiving a $4.3 million grant for research into how plasma can be used to synthesize nanoparticles.









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